Utilize an ATM located inside an open business whenever possible. Avoid using street ATMs during night time hours.


Always travel with another person, particularly at night. Walk with a purpose and project an assertive and business-like image. Criminals will be discouraged if you do not appear vulnerable or easily intimidated.

Identification Theft

Release Social Security Number only when absolutely necessary- because it is the key to your credit and banking account. Do not have your Social Security Numbers printed on your checks or driver’s license.


Carry a whistle or similar type of noise maker. In the event of an emergency, the sound may scare off a would-be attacker. Take special care when jogging or biking. Vary your route. Go with a friend. Avoid isolated areas and don’t wear headphones.


Instruct your child on how to contact the Police Department, Fire Department or Ambulance by dialing 911, and how to contact a known family member or responsible trustworthy neighbor or adult should an emergency arise. Check your child’s route to and from school. Call...