Identification Theft

Release Social Security Number only when absolutely necessary- because it is the key to your credit and banking account. Do not have your Social Security Numbers printed on your checks or driver’s license.


Carry a whistle or similar type of noise maker. In the event of an emergency, the sound may scare off a would-be attacker. Take special care when jogging or biking. Vary your route. Go with a friend. Avoid isolated areas and don’t wear headphones.


Instruct your child on how to contact the Police Department, Fire Department or Ambulance by dialing 911, and how to contact a known family member or responsible trustworthy neighbor or adult should an emergency arise. Check your child’s route to and from school. Call...


Do not give out your personal information through emails or online forms unless you confirm that you are dealing with a legitimately secure site. A secure web address begins with https:// rather than just https://